Enjoy this guided practice from my new online course, Daily Yoga Download.

All you need is a mat & room to breathe, where you’ll be undisturbed for the next half hour or so.

I’ve also sent this video to your email in case now is not the time.😊

(Skip to 3:00 if you want to get straight to the poses.)

Notice how you feel afterward.


Is self-love something you could practice every day?


Imagine building upon this sequence, and learning something new each time you come to the mat!

When you enroll in Daily Yoga Download, you gain access to 30 different guided practices.

✨Yes, 30!✨

Each video module contains a cumulative lesson built around a unique guided asana sequence. Learn the how’s and why’s of each component of the practice, so the mat can finally become the sanctuary you deserve.

  • Correct sequencing of postures
  • Modifications & variations to customize your flow
  • Breathing techniques AND pranayama practices (they are 2 different things)
  • Elements of hatha, vinyasa, & yin yoga