Discover your perfect yoga practice

without having to learn sanskrit, read ancient texts, or spend thousands of dollars on teacher training.

Meditation on your mind?

Before you dive in, you should know this simple hack to amplify your experience…

You can create the conditions for meditation to happen naturally.

Like, real meditation. Not the sort of cross-legged “time out” you’ve been forcing yourself into while thoughts run rampant across the playground of your mind…

I’m talking about the juicy,



type of meditation that leaves you with the power to smile in traffic, and sends that next hit song or million-dollar business idea straight into your metaphysical inbox.

Maybe you’ve experienced this before…

Worry & anxiety fall away like autumn leaves, and you access this inner dimension of otherworldly WOW.

Could there really be a formula for something so… spiritual?

In my humble experience… F*CK YEAH.

Are you seeking a deeply meditative, personal practice?

If so, I’ve got a great resource for you…

Mastery of the Mind requires Mastery of Breath & Body.


The primary purpose of the brain in an intelligent life-form is to coordinate movement & action that supports survival.

Let that sink in. The brain’s job is to move the body.

Our brains have evolved to do a lot more than simply move the body. We now have the ability to create, calculate, speak, sing, sell, instruct, worry, influence, ruminate, entertain, predict, theorize, question, identify, problem-solve… the list goes on.

This is why humans are amazing!

…And this is why we might sometimes feel a bit lost. There’s a lot going on up there. A lot of mental noise.

We can’t completely get rid of the noise. But by placing our attention on the brain’s primary function (coordinated movement), we create enough separation from the noise to hear the one sound that truly ensures survival—our breath.

There exists a practice to attune the mind through coordinated breath & bodily movement, and it’s been around forever. It’s called YOGA.

TL/DR: YOGA prepares the mind for Meditation by moving your attention from the thoughts in your head to the breath in your body.

Daily Yoga practice is your all-access pass to the optimized human mind.

Your body will thank you too.

This online course is specifically designed to help you create a new habit.

Don’t just take my word for it… hear what other creatives have to say about Daily Yoga Download!

"I've been doing yoga for 10 years, hot and cold, home and studio, from bikram to hatha to fusion to vinyasa to yin. Even with all this experience, I'm learning SO MUCH from your course! I love how you have it structured and how it builds on itself and how each day has a focus that runs a thread through the whole lesson and you refer back to it on later days. Extremely well done!!!"
Luke Rain
Artist, DJ, Music Producer, and Podcaster
“I was new to yin yoga practice, but I was introduced to it by Kristina and it made a substantial difference in my routine. It helped with relaxation and it definitely helped quite a bit with the stretching out of back / shoulder / neck muscle groups. It’s perfect for a wind-down after a rough day in preparation for restful sleep, and it’s a great way to care for yourself in general. Kristina is a great instructor, and she makes it easy and fun to get into a healthy practice!”
RJ Pickens
Electronic Music Artist, Music Producer, and Label Head at Vested Records

What happens when you practice Yoga every day?

 A carefully constructed Yoga practice will open up the airways, relieve bodily discomfort, and optimize the mind, so that “sit still & observe your breath” becomes one of life’s pleasures, instead of a chore.

You can cultivate joy in simply being.

Daily Yoga Download

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One Time Payment. 30-day Journey. Lifetime access.

Know the purpose of your Yoga.

Make it part of your routine.

During each Daily Download, you’ll spend around 10 minutes learning some of the finer details you won’t hear about in a  class setting. Seamlessly integrate your download into the day’s practice (~20 minutes).

If you can devote 30 minutes a day to Yoga for 1 month, you will create a habit that transforms your life.

Yoga changed my life. I am SO confident that it will do the same for you.

I’m not here for the smoke & mirrors.

If 30 days roll by and you haven’t noticed a profound shift in your mind-body connection… a serious leveling-up of your asana game… and renewed love for your sacred practice… I will give you your money back.🙏🏼


You most definitely can. I spend the first few days breaking down the basics, and provide all sorts of modifications for the postures. You’ll learn more in the first week of this course than you would attending classes for a year.

Daily Yoga Download is designed to take you on a 30-day journey, but is completely self-paced. New content will unlock each day, but you have lifetime access to the course materials. Take a break when you go on vacation, alternate with other self-care activities, or even give someone else’s class a try. (I know you’ll come back to finish the Download.😉)

The video modules are typically 30-35 minutes each. You might occasionally want a few extra minutes to journal.

Daily Yoga Download encompasses a broad range of styles. Week 1 focuses on hatha yoga. Week 2 incorporates more elements of vinyasa. Week 3 approaches the practice from a yin yoga perspective. And week 4 introduces concepts of kundalini.

You don’t need to be anything other than what you already are.😌 (Bet you thought I’d say something like that.)

There will always be modifications, and you don’t have to do every single posture to experience the benefits of a yoga practice. In fact, you really shouldn’t. When you’re on the mat, your focus is on your breath.

That being said, I teach an intermediate level of asana that can create a fun challenge within your practice.