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I’ve spent the past few days thinking about how I can bring more value to my Patreon community, and as these things tend to happen, the answer became clear on my mat.

Humans are quite complex creatures. We have these big brains, and big hearts, and we’re not always certain who is running the show. I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe it is safe to say that the show just runs more smoothly when we take some time to reconnect with ourselves. While a weeklong retreat into the mountains will certainly get the job done, it would be nice if there were something that fit into daily life.

There is. It’s called Yoga. But it might not be the Yoga you envision. In the years that I’ve spent wandering down this path, I’ve come to realize that a lot of people have wild misconceptions about this ancient spiritual practice. They think it’s a form of exercise. They think it’s a way to get more flexible. They think it’s a way to get somewhere… which completely misses the point.

I can sit here and tell you you’re already perfect, om shanti all freakin day… but that doesn’t mean you’ll believe me. Sure, it sounds nice, but I’ve got x, y, and z. So & so depends on me, I don’t have time. I understand. I too have problems, and excuses, and fears. I don’t always believe what I hear. I come to know and believe through experience… And that experience is a practice.

I created this tier so that I can share the practice. I am a certified Yoga Teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance, and part of the reason I am here on Earth is to pass along the teaching. Private Yoga sessions typically cost $75-100, but money should never be an obstacle when it comes to personal development. I want to offer you, as my patron, something truly valuable. As a member of the Yoga For Life tier, you can book up to 4 private sessions each month. (That breaks down to about $37 per session… literally unheard of in the United States!)

Your Yoga practice should be something to look forward to each day, not a battle of willpower or another to-do. And it should be yours. I am so excited for your continued evolution, and as always, so grateful for your support.

Embrace Yoga For Life! 

Namaste <3

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